Max Headroom – War – S1E5

Summary Today I look at Max Headroom Episode 4 in filming order (not broadcast order) called “War”. I give my commentary on the importance of Elon Musk buying Twitter and the role and responsibility of the news media. Max Headroom Website War Website War episode on TubiTV Max Headroom DVD Holding Out for a HeroContinue reading “Max Headroom – War – S1E5”

Max Headroom – Blipverts – S1E1

Summary I start out a new series looking at the TV show Max Headroom. The first episode is call “Blipverts” and I will be talking advertising, the Internet and artificial intelligence.  Max Headroom Website Blipvert Episode SciFiTechTalk Podcast Max Headroom episode of SciFiTechTalk Max Headroom DVD Holding Out for a Hero Website Bard on theContinue reading “Max Headroom – Blipverts – S1E1”