Max Headroom – Blipverts – S1E1

Summary I start out a new series looking at the TV show Max Headroom. The first episode is call “Blipverts” and I will be talking advertising, the Internet and artificial intelligence.  Max Headroom Website Blipvert Episode SciFiTechTalk Podcast Max Headroom episode of SciFiTechTalk Max Headroom DVD Holding Out for a Hero Website Bard on theContinue reading “Max Headroom – Blipverts – S1E1”

Umbrella Academy -I Heard a Rumor – S1E8

Summary Vanya starts to discover her past, Allison examines her past and Hazel and Agnes hope to make a past together, if the world doesn’t end first. Holding Out for a Hero Website Bard on the Plains Podcast Bard on the Playlist McPeek Podcasting Mike McPeek’s Website This episode is sponsored by ยท Anchor: TheContinue reading “Umbrella Academy -I Heard a Rumor – S1E8”