Max Headroom – Rakers – S1E2


Today I look at Max Headroom Episode 3 in filming order (not broadcast order) called “Rakers”. I evaluate the predictions about hoverboards, video phones, credit cards, space shuttles and extreme sports.  

Max Headroom Website

Rakers Website

Rakers episode on TubiTV

Max Headroom DVD

Holding Out for a Hero Website

Bard on the Plains Podcast

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McPeek Podcasting

Mike McPeek’s Website

My Video Introduction Holding Out for a Hero

  1. My Video Introduction
  2. Max Headroom – War – S1E5
  3. Max Headroom – Security Systems – S1E6
  4. Max Headroom – Rakers – S1E2
  5. Max Headroom – Body Banks – S1E3

Published by Bard on the Plains

I currently work as a custodian in the Clark High School but have also ran a farm as well as worked at a potato chip factory. I am married to Deb and we have three kids, Eric, Ryan and Emily. I also have a love of computers going back 40 years. I am also an amateur taker of photos (don't feel quite comfortable calling myself a photographer yet). I am the host of the Bard on the Plains Podcast and Holding Out For a Hero Podcast.

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